Outside is danger!

Hoo boy, it’s hot today! I want to take Jillian to the park but there isn’t a lot of shade there. Maybe this afternoon instead. Plus, the landscapers are all mowing and otherwise making noise which is aggravating my allergies on top of this cold that I seem to have gotten! Because they’re mowing, we really can’t go out back and sit in the grass. It would really mess up my weekend if I were to get hit by a lawn mower.

What to do, what to do? We could go to the Other Park, but that involved packing up the car and stuff and Other Park is always super-crowded and we might not get a turn on the swings. Plus I don’t really feel like I should be driving to a park when we have one within walking distance. Hmm.

At least the tree pollen seems to be dying down. It was pretty gross for awhile, with the grody green tinge on my car and the dust flying around the house whenever I have the windows open. Ick.

You know what? We are going to go to the park. I just decided. Possibly by the time we get back they will have mowed our section and Jillian and I will be able to take naps.

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