Smells like french fries

Did you know? When a baby barfs up formula it smells like french fries.

Today we had to run out all crazy and drop Freddie’s lunch off to him at work, stop at Target (which is fortunately 50 feet away from his office) for diapers and formula, then hotfoot it back homeward for playgroup.

Or not, as the case may be. See, lately, Jillian has been a drool machine. The baby books tell you that this is usually a sign of teething. Well, it’s been three months since she got her first teeth and there are no new ones on the horizon so the drool is just… there. There is SO MUCH drool that Jillian occasionally chokes on it, slightly, and ends up coughing and spluttering and generally being a huge drama queen.

Sometimes, though – the drama queen act goes into Method territory and she barfs. A lot. All over her expensive and pain-in-the-ass to clean car seat. This is what she did today, when we were halfway home. I saw the whole thing in the mirror but was powerless to stop it. The best I could do was get a wipe out of the diaper bag and reach back there and get the barf off of her face (we were stopped at a light) and then drive as fast as I could to get us home before I started barfing.

Like I said, formula barf smells like french fries.

So I got us home, threw Jillian in the bath and got her cleaned up. I then stuck her in the playpen while I manhandled the car seat out of the car and took it apart. Then I hosed it all off and now it’s outside, drying.

Now I’m a bit pissed off at the fact that I cannot, for the life of me, find another car seat cover for this thing. Oh sure, there are the “custom” ones on Ebay, but I want an actual Britax one, to be quite honest. The Britax website doesn’t let you shop it yet, which is stupid in this day and age, and most retailers only carry full car seats, not covers. Bleh. I could call Britax and order something directly, which I may do, but what a pain in my ever-expanding ass.

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