The more you watch something…

… the more details you notice.

I’ve seen The Breakfast Club at least one hundred times, no exaggeration. However, I’m watching it right now and I just noticed something.

They’re in the library at the school, right? On the door of the library are the hours: Mon-Fri 8:00AM to 3:30PM. Seems about right, doesn’t it? But it also says: Closed Sat. – Sun.

And that’s… weird. It’s in a school, so wouldn’t it be closed on the weekends by definition?


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3 Responses to The more you watch something…

  1. not necessarily. there are things going on at school on the weekend (sporting events, theatre practice, band rehearsals, etc.) that would mean the school doors would be open and have students in it but the library was not available.

  2. rachel

    Yes, but then wouldn’t the lights be off and the doors locked and stuff? That’s how it always was in my schools – it just didn’t seem like there was any need to post the hours of operation on the school library.

  3. Maybe they were filming in a public library? Maybe the sign was generic?

    I love your comments on Strollerderby! Just had to come and check you out, RachelZ. 🙂