8 things you might not know about me

I got tagged by Alyssa, who taught me how to hack my Blogger template and encouraged me YEARS ago to get my own goddamn website already.

Like her, if you were a long-time Picky Eater reader, there are very few things about me which would surprise you. But I’ll try.

1. I love nail polish.

2. Today, June 22, 2007, marks the ten-year anniversary of me getting my drivers’ license.

3. I do not like roses.

4. I secretly like to watch golf on TV.

5. I have a third nipple. It used to look like a rather large mole, but it got bigger during my pregnancy and even my OB/GYN was like “whoa.”

6. The two things most requested of me for picnics and potlucks are my guacamole and my peanut sauce.

7. I used to be a Girl Scout, and will happily take on the Scouts when Jillian is old enough, if she is so inclined.

8. I only have one wisdom tooth.

I know I should tag some people, but I can’t think right now – Jillian just woke up and I must go rescue her.


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2 Responses to 8 things you might not know about me

  1. Lee

    Can we see a picture of your third nipple? Pleeeease?

  2. rachel

    There is no way I’m photographing the third nipple, but when you see me in person, I’ll show it to you.