Brain go SPLAT!

Sometime this morning, between sleep and wakefulness, my brain decided to switch on. And by on, I mean it started going ZOOOOOOOOM!

This is hasn’t happened for quite a while, but it’s good because it means that my Muse is not dead, she is only on vacation or something.

I have a love/hate relationship with my Muse. First of all, I’m pretty sure my Muse has ADD because one day I’ll wake up with “LET’S KNIT!” Other days it’s “LET’S PAINT THE BATHROOM YELLOW!” And on still other days I get “ZZZZZZZ….whuh?”

Today, the Muse woke me up with “DO YOU REMEMBER?” Oh, Muse.

Memory is an odd thing. Seemingly insinificant things stay in the brain forever, while the big things go bye-bye with relative ease. And some things, well, you spend hours, days, years going over and over them again only to see them fade into the faintest whispers.

Then the Muse wakes you up with a bitchslap and it all comes back.

Which is what happened to me today. I have no idea what triggered this particular data-dump, but I’ve been hemorrhaging it onto the screen all morning. I wonder if any of it will be useful. I certainly hope so, since I’ve been feeling all squirmy and uncomfortable whilst writing it.

So I’m wondering. There exist in this world devices which claim to help you improve your memory, and I’m sure some of them even work. After following the program or whatever, you will no longer fumble for phone numbers! You will remember your grocery list! It seems that these things will help you remember things as you encounter them going forward, but does anything similar exist to help you recall things that have already happened?

I know there is such a thing as hypnotism and regression and lots of other psychological tricksy things but I’ve no time for such things. I want something that will allow me to recall say, June 9th, 1992. Not details, necessarily, but maybe what I did and where I went. I could fill in the rest fairly easily after that. Does such a mechanism for memory exist?

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