Got mah hair did

hair didGot my hair cut today.

I didn’t cut it quite as short as I had expected to. Once it got up toward my chin I had visions of super-short hair making my head look like a Macy’s balloon, so we stopped at my chin. The version in this photo is the blown-out look with a side of spit-up. We’ll see what happens tomorrow after I get out of the shower.

I also went with highlights instead of a whole-head change. My new favorite stylist, Paul, suggested blonde highlights because my hair, is in fact, blonde. He said it’s the darkest ash blonde he has ever seen but… to highlight it as if it were brown would look all weird. So blonde it is!

That explains SO MUCH.

So, does it look cute? Cute is a word that has always been used to describe me. I’ve always been cute. Never gorgeous, rarely beautiful, and I couldn’t be sexy at gunpoint. So cute wins, always. Could be worse, though. I could have them screaming in the streets.

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