I’m a Muppet

I have a love/hate relationship with my hair. I love the fact that it’s so healthy despite 20 years of hair dye experiements. Of course, that could be due to the fact that I haven’t dyed it at all since August of 2005 and most of the dyed bits are trimmed away at this point.

We’ll be fixing that right quick, since my hair is a rather dull shade of brown. One of my former stylists told me it was really actually a very dark blonde because there’s no red in it at all, which would indicate brown. But no, it’s brown. It’s not that I don’t like it, but I think it’s time for a bit of a change.

My hair is also the longest it has been in nearly 20 years. My first boyfriend ever fell in love with my hair and was hopelessly entangled in my snare before he realized that my personality left much to be desired. Fortunately, the girl he dated after he broke up with me turned out to be a HellBeast, so I felt better about it all. Years later I found out he told people we broke up because I cut my shoulder-length hair up to my ears. Heh.

So, yeah. The hair, it is long. And THICK, my GOD. I have soooo much hair, even with the shedding I’ve been doing since I had the baby. I still have way too much hair. I’m like a yak.

Plus, Jillian thinks my hair is the best thing ever and if it’s not in a ponytail, she will yank on it and chew on it and generally try to scalp me. So the hair is pretty much in a ponytail or similar all day long. Which is why I think I’m going to cut it. Short.

I’ve had extremely short hair before. I find that the more I cut it, the shorter I want it and before you know it, I’ve got my Sinead O’Connor on and the clippers out. I want to sort of avoid that while at the same time get my hair cut in such a way that is interesting, low-maintenance, and out of my face. What to do?

But. I’ve spent so many years growing out! I think the last time I really got it cut was in 2002? I can’t remember. I’ve gotten the odd trim here and there to keep the split ends at bay, but no actual styled cuts.

I’ll probably end up making the appointment and deciding as I sit down what I’m going to do. Yikes. I wonder if the salon I go to will be willing to dye my hair blue?

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