One of each, please

I’m not a baby-gear junkie. Even if I could afford to be AND I had the space to put things, I still wouldn’t be one of those “OMG I GOTTA HAVE THIS” people. I tend to find the things that work for me and use them almost exclusively. This explains why I have three pairs of shoes.

However. I have seen this: Me In Mind and I am swooning. Seriously. The shoes alone are making me look around for my wallet because they are insanely cute. INSANELY.

Now, more than ever, I want to get us into a house where I will have a third bedroom so I can get out the sewing gear and make cool things. I could buy the cool things, but I have Scottish blood and I converted to Judaism, so my natural aversion to spending money has increased exponentially.

Seriously, though – this stuff is so cute I’m about to go into diabetic shock. If you don’t hear from me for a couple of days, call and make sure I haven’t died from the cuteness.

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  1. Hey, I bet you never thought i would ever come upon your comments, but i have my ways 🙂 Pick a style and a size and where to send it.

    Thats for the props!

    Las Vegas, NV