The littlest mechanic

Now that Jillian is mobile, there are a huge number of things that she is discovering. Her new favorite toy is the cable box. She crawls over to it and starts pressing buttons, making the cable do things that I can’t undo. I know she’s smarter than I am, but I didn’t think it would be apparent so soon.

She really enjoys the vertical blinds for some reason. I pick her up and reposition her away from them about sixty-five times every half-hour. She has a billion toys to chew on! What’s the appeal of the blinds?

We have a three-foot-long 1″-diameter wooden dowel that lays in the track of the sliding glass door as our security stick. We used to have this thingy that was retractable and stuff, but it used to fall into place and effectively lock us outside. So we dismantled it and got the security stick instead.

This is Jillian’s mostest favoritest toy ever. She will scoot over to the door, grab the stick and start roaring like she’s an extra in “Braveheart.” I have taken this away from her thousands of times and I’ve even resorted to hiding it, but she finds it every time.

Sometimes she skips the blinds and the stick and goes straight for the door track. This is an especially grimy area, but if I’m not fast enough, she digs her fingers in and comes up with black fingernails. She looks for all the world like a tiny grease monkey.

I do my best to clean up her hands after a session with the door track, but Jillian has little patience for such things, so she ends up crawling around with black fingernails and various grody smudges on her face.

It just goes to show that you can have big plans for your kid such as keeping them clean or sending them to medical school and they will do the precise opposite. Perhaps I should pressure her to work at Taco Bell so she’ll rebel against me and go to Harvard.

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