You’re so vain (you probably think this blog is about you)

my apologies to Carly Simon

I guess there’s no escaping the Thought Police, after all. We’ll just all have to get over ourselves and move on. See, I moved thishere blog to my own spanky domain, thinking that I would have a wee bit more control over who sees it and whatnot without having to go so far as to password-protect it. Apparently, it doesn’t matter which door I close on this side because there are sixteen doors on the other side that are wide open.

I thought about that for a couple of days and I decided that I’m perfectly okay with it. Part of the reason why I write on the web and not in my metric ton of spiral notebooks is because anyone can read it. This forces me to be more honest than I might otherwise be.

Honesty and truth are scary things for some people, but I have come to realize that those people are not my problem. I’m fully capable of recognzing and accepting my own faults – and boy oh boy do I have faults – and forgiving myself for them.

So bring it on, Thought Police. I can and will write about whatever strikes my fancy and if that’s a problem for you, then maybe you should think about getting a ladder and getting over yourself.

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