Friday fun things

I have some other things to write about, but at the moment they are still just fragments of things and less coherent than the stuff I usually put out here. Instead, I will give you a few paragraphs on a whole bunch of unrelated things.

1. I made a peach pie last weekend that was totally awesome, if a little goopy. It set up nicely in the fridge and was more pie-like the next day.

2. Today I made a Key Lime Pie. Ridiculously easy. I’m not a huge fan of the lime pie, but Freddie likes it and I had a whole bunch of limes that needed to be used, so… PIE!

3. I also had a bacon and tomato sandwich for lunch. Bacon is the #1 reason why I will never be able to go kosher, despite the fact that I think we ought to try, for Jillian’s sake. It might be too late, though – I gave her a piece of bacon.

4. I had to do cowboy surgery on Freddie’s toe last night (Says he: “Is this going to end up on your blog?” Says me: “Yep.”). He recently got new inserts for his biking shoes and they are rubbing up against his toe in an uncomfortable way, making the skin around the nail swell so the nail painfully digs into the skin. He’s not at all good about cutting his toenails (indeed, he’s got talons to rival a falcon) so they end up pointy and jagged and whathaveyou. So I busted out the rubbing alcohol, tweezers, and nail clippers and went to work. Early reports indicate success.

5. My child actually crawled in the grass! On her own! With no screaming! We went to a July 4th BBQ and there were about six billion kids there and Jillian was happily punching other babies in the face, roaring at the top of her lungs, and crawling around from toy to toy. She’s pretty big compared to the other kids around her age and she doesn’t know her own strength. Thus, the punching. But the crawling! In the grass! I am totally amazed.

6. My husband bought himself a pair of Crocs. They are foul. Now, I am just about as unfashionable as a human being can get, but even I will not wear Crocs. There is something about them that just screams “juvie prison!” Plus, I lived through the jelly shoes era and until those things come back, I’ll stick with my Chacos.

7. Speaking of my Chacos, they need to be re-soled. According to the website, I can ship them off to their home base and get them resoled for about $36 + $7 for shipping. This seems to be a good deal since they retail for about $90. However, I would be without my shoes for about a week (maybe more) and I don’t know if I can do that. I have other shoes, SURE, but they’re either flip-flops (which fall off) or shoes that require socks (which… it’s summer, dammit). Maybe after we get back from Lake Placid I’ll send them off. Or I’ll just go buy a pair of Birkenstocks, which I sort of want anyway.

8. Lake Placid is in just over two weeks! I have a lot of planning to do. I need to pack, figure out where the local grocery store is so I don’t have to travel with a shit-ton of baby food, and I have to find a bookstore so I can get my Harry Potter book. Sure, I could wait until we get back, but that would mean 100% media silence for like, three whole days, and I don’t think that’s possible. I would have to avoid TV, radio, newspapers, teh internets (the HORROR!), billboards, skywriters, and smoke signals. I just don’t think I can do it. So I’ll be finding a bookstore. Besides, Sunday is going to be a LONG day and I will need something to do, right?

9. That reminds me, I have to order Jillian’s birthday cake.


10. I went to one of the local farmer’s markets today and bought purple green beans. I have seen these at Whole Foods before but I’ve been hesitant to buy them. But at $1.50 a pound, why not, right? So I’ll be scaring my family with them at dinner tonight. I want to do a whole purple dinner someday, with the purple green beans, purple cauliflower, purple tomatoes, purple carrots, and purple potatoes, but I’m afraid my family will revolt (in more ways than one).


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3 Responses to Friday fun things

  1. re: #6: “until those things come back,” — check your nearest Urban Outfitters. they’ve been back since last fall.

  2. I REALLY need a good peach pie recipe, fellow wife to triathlete.

    But not if it has a real pie crust. That’s not the one I’m looking for.

    I hope it’s not a figment of my imagination.

  3. Mmmmm bacon. It’s the ice cream of the meat world.