How is she not sleeping by now?

Day 2 at Lake Placid, and it is anything but. After a few false starts, Jillian fell asleep last night around 10. This was after about 45 minutes of babbling and singing like she was on American Idol, but once she crashed, she crashed.

Today, she was up at 7, which is normal, but what is not normal is the fact that she refused both the bottle and the yummy mushed bananas that make up a typical breakfast. She barely ate a thing, which of course has my Mommy Alert all “whoop! whoop! whoop!” Because she’s been feeling poorly the last couple of days, I’ve been trying to make sure she’s eating and getting enough fluids, but I am no match for Lockjaw.

So we abandoned any attempts at breakfast, loaded up the stroller and headed into town to throw Freddie in the lake for awhile. It was cloudy this morning, but the weather channel assured us that the rain would hold off until late afternoon at the earliest.


While Freddie was swimming, we went on the swings and talked to other Mama/baby teams about this crazy thing that we’re all here for. Good times. I tried to feed the kid again, but no luck.

Freddie finished swimming and we went off in search of bagels and coffee before heading back down to Lake Placid High School to get him all checked in and stuff. As we were inside checking in, it began to rain. A LOT.

I realized that we do not have a rain cover for the jog stroller, which is going to suck if it rains on Sunday. I briefly thought about finding one online and paying whatever I need to in order to have it Fed-Exed to me here at the hotel, but I think at this point all we can do is hope it doesn’t rain too much on Sunday. I can probably put my poncho over the stroller and then just wear my rain jacket, but I’d really rather not.

At first, we thought we might be all right walking back to the hotel. After all, it’s only about a mile from the start/finish line to where we’re staying, but in the rain it might as well be fifteen miles. Instead, Jillian and I hung out in the “make your sign” tent while Freddie hoofed it back to the hotel, got the truck, and came to pick us up.

Keep in mind, the kid hasn’t eaten but a few spoons of bananas and maybe half a bottle ALL DAMN DAY. She normally would be STARVING and attempting to gnaw off her own leg, but not today. We got back to the hotel and I tried to feed her, thinking she might finally eat and then sack out for a nap, but OH NO. I put her in the pack & play and she started to flip her lid.

I’ve never ever been a fan of the “cry it out” method, so listening to her scream was rough. After about fifteen minutes of it, I finally rescued her and rocked her to sleep on my lap. Because I’m irredeemably stupid, I thought I could maybe gently lower her back into the pack & play and she would stay asleep, but…

An hour later, she is finally asleep. I’m thinking really hard about going out to play in the traffic, but I think I’ll just find some ice cream or something instead. There IS a Ben & Jerry’s in town, after all.

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