My zoo

Our “backyard” isn’t exactly the sort of place you’d expect to see wildlife, but it is. I have seen countless squirrels, a few groundhogs, some rabbits, deer (especially the one that CAME UP TO THE DOOR), and a whole bunch of birds. We have a few cardinals who live in a nearby tree, some humungous blue jays, and of course, starlings in the chimney. We also have your basic robins, wrens, sparrows, and orioles. I have also seen swallows, but not as often.

Once in a while, we get odd things. I saw a raven a few weeks ago, thinking it was a crow but it had a scruffy neck. And just today I saw the prettiest yellow bird. I’m pretty sure it’s a goldfinch, but it’s very difficult to find pictures of birds on the internet for some reason.

It landed on the hanging geranium basket that I have to get rid of (fucking Japanese beetles make my butt hurt) and as it was sitting there, a female joined it. So pretty!

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