Guilty? Sure. Pleasure? Not so much

Mike at Strollerderby expressed his glee at VH1’s afternoon TV offerings and that got me thinking.

See, I get to watch a lot of afternoon TV, too, since that’s usually naptime AND the hottest part of the day. We are in the house in the PM, is what I’m saying.

I usually have some reasonable movie on the DVR to watch (The Breakfast Club gets a lot of mileage because I don’t have the DVD for some odd reason), but sometimes I just get tired of the things I already own and start flipping the channels.

Today it’s Message in a Bottle and this movie pisses me off like nothing else. The first time I ever saw it, I was sick as a damn dog and home from work one day and all I wanted to do was watch some nice, cheesy chick-flick thing and forget about my snots for awhile.

“A ha!” I thought. “This will fit the bill!”

OH BOY was I wrong. No happy ending! HE DIES. That suuuuuuuuuuuucks. I remember being actually angry at the TV for showing me this movie. And now I’m watching it again because:

  • there is nothing else on
  • I had to get on the treadmill so I wasn’t listening to it anyway
  • it’s really, really hot this afternoon
  • I am putting off vacuuming.
  • So yeah. I’m hating on this movie with an irrational kind of dislike reserved for certain small children and The Pepsi Girl.

    Best thing? Thanks to the magic of HBO West, I can watch it AGAIN.

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