How we roll

Do you have your spouse’s/partner’s Social Security digits memorized? I do. I haven’t learned Jillian’s yet, but I know Freddie’s. I also have both of our ATM cards memorized (which sucks royally whenever we get new ones), the credit cards, and the account numbers for the mortgage and our line of credit. When I still wrote checks to pay the bills, I had all of our account numbers memorized.

Is this weird? Don’t other people do this?

Freddie and I are making our offer today on the house we saw yesterday. Pray for us. He called me from work to let me know and also to ask me what my Social Security number is. Every time he asks me, I wonder why he doesn’t know it already. After all, we’ve been dealing with each other’s sensitive information for upwards of 11 years now… you’d think he’d have it down.

I told him he’ll remember it someday, like when he’s making my funeral arrangements.


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4 Responses to How we roll

  1. Sometimes I forget my husbands name… I doubt I’ll ever be able to memorize his soc. Does that make me a bad wife?

  2. My husband got tired of asking for my Social number, so instead he wrote it down on a Post-It and put it on his computer monitor in his office. I know that sounds horrible, like it is out there for everyone to see, but he works in a goverment building, so if anyone really wanted to still Social numbers all they would have to look at is ID badges.

  3. rachel

    Emily – I refer to my husband and “What’s-His-Name” all the time, so I don’t think that makes you a bad wife. I think that’s normal.

  4. Oz

    My parents have been married for something like 37 years, and my dad still doesn’t know my mom’s SSN. I am such a bad daughter that I sometimes forget if my mom’s birthday is September 5 or 6. Numbers just fly right out of my head. At least I have my husband’s birthdate down, if not his SSN. My mom, on the other hand, seems to have memorized every number that could ever relate to one of her children or her husband, including frequent flier numbers.