Jillian’s birthday loot was not the huge mountain that I was dreading. So many lovely gifts, from clothing to Uglydolls, and it will all go to use.

Except possibly one thing. We have one of these, and it lights up and makes noise and the occasional cat meow sound. Jillian beats the hell out of it regularly.

However, we have now received one of these, and it’s still in the box, awaiting my decision as to whether or not I’m going to return it. It’s more or less the same damn thing, only this one looks like it does even more stuff, meaning it makes MORE noise and might drive Mama to drink before noon.

Jillian LOVES it. Even with it in the box, she is pressing the buttons and making it sing and whatever the hell else it does. No matter where I put it, she seeks it out to press the buttons some more and make it light up.

So now I’m torn. Do I get it out of the box and let it take up even more precious space in my teeny house? Do I return it? Will she notice if I do? Because if I return it, I’m totally buying clothing instead because girlfriend is audibly growing and has nothing at all for fall (which, in New Jersey, could start as early as tomorrow or as late as Halloween).

Maybe I should just go get my keyboard out and get her started making her own music.


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2 Responses to Loot

  1. Randy Davis

    Rachel, I’d keep the VTech one. It grows with her, while the other one is just for when she’s laying down on her back. My 2-year old won’t sit still long enough to play with a toy like that, but he still walks up to his piano and plays the hell out of it.

    Say goodbye to that little bit of space you have left. It was a memory before Jillian ever arrived..

  2. Patricia

    I agree with Randy. My daughter is about three weeks younger than Jillian, and we have the VTech thingy, and she loves it because she can “walk” with it. Most of her staionary toys just don’t cut it anymore.

    Happy (belated) birthday to Jillian!