Sucking it up

It’s long been established that I am a selfish whore. It’s all about ME ME ME all the time, which is why I have this website.

However, there is also my groovy little family. And we function as a unit, so it can’t be about ME ME ME all the time, no matter how much I would like it to be.

That’s why I called my staffing agency contact this morning to see about getting my fat ass a job. In a perfect world, they’ll stick me back in the company I was working for last year, in the same department or similar, so at least I will be with familiar faces and won’t have to start from scratch, which is pretty much the worst part of a new job.

I also called a daycare in the area where we hope to buy a house and have scheduled a tour/inspection of the place for noon today.

This prospect fills me with alarm. I DO NOT want to hand my precious baby over to strangers. Never mind the fact that this daycare wins awards and stuff all over the place. That does not interest me, since they are still strangers.

Plus, if I get a job, that means I’m going to have to shower every day (the HORROR), and put on pants that are: a) clean, b) not purple-and-green plaid, and c) not three sizes too big (or too small). SIGH.

But it looks like that’s going to be the way of it, at least for now. This working-from-home idea is great, but the pool of people wanting to do it is vastly larger than the pool of jobs available. And while I have all the skills necessary to be a great candidate for these kinds of jobs, without the opportunity to go in person and do the interpretive dance that goes with my CV, I can see how it can get lost in the avalanche of similar-looking resumes.

Yeah, I know, oh boo hoo, woe is me. Millions of moms head out to work every day and a large percentage of them don’t have a choice so yeah, I should suck it up. But. BUT. Sigh.


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2 Responses to Sucking it up

  1. If you can’t complain to the internets who can you complain to?

    I think if I was offered a job where I would make a buttload of money I’d have to turn it down if I couldn’t do it from home.

    I think the problem with daycare is that you just never know if you can trust the people employed there, no matter how many awards the place has won. Its just the world we live in.

  2. laura

    you can complain. work sucks. daycare too.