Company policy

I don’t obsess over my stats anymore. There’s no reason to. I simply check them out to see where people are coming from.

I have noticed that someone from one of my former employers has been checking out my site and I have to say this in my MOST SARCASTIC VOICE: “Gee, I hope you don’t get fired for using the Internet for non-business-related things, since I haven’t [yet] written a book!”

Especially if your initials are L.V. I really dislike you. You were a terrible manager.

But if your name happens to be Walter, then HELLO! Stop by anytime!

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  1. laura

    i have shuddered to see some of the things that brought people to my little blog. ‘snorting advil’ was very popular for a time.

    and if you’re rachel’s old co-worker…well, FOR SHAME!