I’m secretly French

I’m pretty sure France is the place I need to be. I could give a shit about French fashion, and the language makes little sense to me (I prefer German – it makes you sound pissed off no matter what you’re saying), but the food, MY GOD, the FOOD!

I haven’t yet been to France, but oh boy.

It’s no secret that when I am stressed, I turn to food. My stress cravings tend to be all dairy, all the time, and today what I really really really really really really really REALLY want is some Brie. Oh, what a bonus, I HAVE SOME.

But what to do with it? I’ve never been a big fan of pairing it with fruit, and crackers seem a little low-rent for something so full of decadent fatty goodness. So I’m thinking bread. Specifically, croissants. But then again, a croissant might not be sturdy enough for what I have in mind. I could get a wee sourdough boule, hollow it out, slap the Brie in there and bake it, but sourdough? Really? Hmmm.

I will have to hit up the Whole Foods or the closest French bakery and see what my options are.

This winter will be lots of fun as I get used to my new kitchen. It’s a slightly different layout than my current kitchen, but it seems like it’s a little more user-friendly. Everything in my current kitchen is pretty spaced out – you have to take a few steps from the fridge to the stove and when things are exploding, that’s a few too many. Plus, the new kitchen has ALL NEW STUFF (thanks to the recent remodel), and that is just going to be excellent.

In my next life, I might be a chef. I certainly don’t have the drive or the stamina for restaurant cooking, but I do like to make messes in my own kitchen, try new things, and introduce people to foods they might not otherwise eat. Like my Famous Peanut Sauce.

I used to hate cooking. In fact, I would purposely burn things and choose really odd recipes just so Freddie would tell me that I didn’t have to cook anymore. But as I’ve gotten older (and become a chef-stalker of sorts), I’ve found that my penchant for experimentation can work well for me if I choose my experiments wisely.

So watch this space. I’ll talk more about food and less about things that irk me. I’ll talk about food that irks me! Like sauerkraut! That shit is disgusting!

We’re going to have an interesting winter.

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