I broke the cardinal rule of being a Former Teenage Girl – I re-read one of my journals. I’m really thinking about burning it now, but I don’t have anyplace to do that.

Really, not having a place to burn my journal is a good thing. I might want to read it again.

Or not.

I’m sure everyone’s journals are embarrassing, but mine gave me actual heartburn. They’re really, really, REALLY bad. I hope Freddie never gets hold of them.

I tried to resist. I did. But I’m transferring stuff from older boxes to newer boxes and, in my New and Improved Recovering Packrat state, I’m trying to weed out some of the junk that I have been dragging around for the past 15 years.

The physical junk is easy to get rid of. The mental junk may take longer.

And I’m sure re-reading my 1992 journals is not going to help. Is it too early to start drinking?

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