One week until new stuff!

A week from tomorrow, we are moving. It will be Freddie’s and my 8th move in ten years. I am sick of moving, and once we get installed in our new shiny house (with a YARD!!), we plan to stay for a good long time.

We’ve been in this house for just over three years now, which is the longest we have stayed at any one address since we’ve been together. We have a pizza place. A backup pizza place. We have a Chinese place. A backup Chinese place. A place that delivers sushi. One of my favorite Thai places. A backup Thai place. A sub place. An ice cream place. Walgreen’s and the post office within walking distance.

And now we’re moving. To a new house. In a new town. We’ll have to start all over!

The good news is that the town to which we’re moving has an excellent Italian heritage, so the pizza should be good. There are two Italian bakeries in town, which means cannoli for everyone! The new house is also pretty close to my OTHER favorite Thai place which has the added bonus of being right next to the bookstore! Too bad I have to drive around the World’s Most Dangerous Traffic “Circle” to get there.

The new town has an actual downtown! I don’t know how close we’ll be in terms of walking there, but the library is right the main street, and there are sidewalks between there and home, so we’ll see.

I think this move will be good for us. We’ll be downsizing a bit, but that can only be a good thing, since as we’ve packed up this house, I have realized how much utterly useless CRAP we have. Between garage sales, Freecycle, and donations, we are getting rid of a lot of it.

To make room for NEW useless crap!


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