RIP 2007 Mets

It’s 8-1 at the top of the 9th. Unless the Mets pull 8 runs out of their collective asses in the bottom of the 9th, we’re done with baseball for the season because the Phillies are up 6-1.

Oh well – there is plenty of bad TV to keep us busy for the rest of the month.


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2 Responses to RIP 2007 Mets

  1. Phillies, woo hoo!

    Kidding, kidding. I’m from those parts (kinda), but I’ve always been a Braves fan. It’s TBS’s fault.

  2. Hmmm, let me think. Let. me. think. I believe I know someone who taunted me and my lowly giants earlier in this season, thinking, I suppose, that her beloved east coast dahlings would do something remarkable this season. Who could it be? hmmmm.

    Is this too mean on the day-of. It still felt good.

    At least we have network shows again …