VH1 Classic still occasionally shows videos (kids, you’ll have to Google that to find out what a video is, now that they’re all endangered and stuff), so I’m watching it today since there aren’t any crappy movies to watch instead.

I have already cracked myself up laughing at a White Lion video, was horrified because I nearly mistook the beginning of Tom Petty’s “You Got Lucky” video for a Night Ranger vid, and now I’m mourning the long, shaggy hair of one Michael Stipe from the “Pop Song 89” video. Sigh.

I know. He’s gay. But the HAIR.

You know what? I think I’m going to turn the TV off. I usually do have it off during the day because Jillian is fascinated by it and gets really close up to it. I’m sure it’s burning her retinas and further damaging her chances of ever getting into Harvard (between that and all the head-first landings, she’ll be lucky if she can get into AKRON. My GOD).

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