I let Jillian watch Sesame Street in the morning. Wait, strike that – I force her to watch Sesame Street in the morning so I can have coffee, check my email, and catch up on things before I have to start singing the ABC song.

She doesn’t really pay attention to it, except for the Muppets. She seems to like Grover, Cookie Monster, and [sigh] Elmo.

But I’ve noticed something else, which I find extremely interesting. Occasionally, between Muppets, they show the little short films that teach you how to cross the street or eat healthy food or whatever. Today’s was crossing the street or something because it featured sped-up film of traffic in NYC.

Jillian was cracking up at the sped-up cars going across the screen. This is a new phenomenon, one that I also noticed when we were watching “How It’s Made” the other day. That show makes her laugh to the point where she’s rocking the Louis Skolnick, complete with snorting.

I have no idea why this is, but I’m about to set the TiFaux to record every episode of “How It’s Made” so I can make her laugh like that all day.

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  1. What is it about Elmo… my 2yo wants me to fast-forward through Sesame Street until she sees Elmo: “Ohhh! ELMO!” and then we watch… more disappointing is that she loves the lame Disney version of Pooh.

    I despair.