The World Serious

Ever since the Great Mets Choking Incident of 2007, I haven’t been paying attention to baseball. However, now that it looks as if the Indians might make it to the World Serious (as my dad calls it), things are looking interesting again.

Having grown up in NE Ohio in the 80’s, I was witness to years and years and YEARS of bad Cleveland baseball. I mean, the entire premise of the movie Major League was based on the Indians winning some games, so you knew that it was fiction. You couldn’t make that same movie with, say, the Yankees (even though they have had their sucky times as well). The Cubs, possibly, but the Indians were far more believable.

So I shall watch the game tonight with interest. I doubt Boston can again pull off a crazy comeback a la 2004, but I heard a rumor once that I was wrong about something, so anything is possible, I guess.

Go Tribe!

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