Dude. Thanksgiving is in LESS THAN A WEEK

Where the hell did this year go?

I was flipping through a book I swear I just bought, and I found the receipt, dated June 27th. No way. I just bought it. Like, yesterday.

But, yeah. The holidays are coming up, and if you’re Jewish, they’re coming up much earlier than usual. That’s actually good, since I’ll be able to get Hanukkah over and done with and have time left over to get good and bored with all the Xmas hoo-hah.

I am participating in at least three holiday card exchanges this year, including one that is worldwide, so that should help me hate December a little less.

If you would like to get a holiday card from ME ME ME ME ME, email me your informations at racheldirollzack ((at)) gmail dotty commie and I promise I won’t send you anthrax. Honest. I ran out of that last week when I was sending cards to everyone on my enemies list.

Go on, make the holidays fun. Let’s all send cards to one another. It will make everyone feel all warm and fuzzy inside, however briefly.

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  1. Well, if you’re not sending Anthrax…