I’ve started a business. With luck, the website will be up and running in the next week and then I’ll be all nervous, wondering if anyone, anywhere will ever order anything from me.

There are about sixteen hundred little things one needs to do to get a business off the ground, and getting a bank account is but one of them. I did that last week, and felt all proud and important and stuff.

Then I got my bank ATM card and my name was misspelled. There are myriad things that irritate me, lord knows, but misspelling my name is probably in the top 5. After all, the lady who filled out the form was looking at my drivers’ license, and we all know THAT is spelled correctly (if incorrectly punctuated… oh, never mind. I hate my name).

But today, the UPS guy pounded on the door, scaring the bejeezus out of me, only to deliver a wee box with my checks! And my deposit stamp! Whee! Oddly, my name is spelled correctly on the checks. How did this happen?

With any luck, getting the ATM card fixed will be a painless process for me. For the lady at the bank, I can’t be so sure.


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  1. Fancy schmancy! It looks lovely, and I can’t wait to see what it’s like when it’s up and running.

    I’m still trying to think of something I would want on a shirt for young P…hmm…