I know I wrote about this years ago on the old blog, but…

My CD player is possessed. We bought it years ago, I want to say it was maybe 1999 or so? It’s a Sony 200-CD changer and it’s possessed. By what, exactly, I do not know.

See, here’s the thing. I have way way way more than 200 CDs. I think, at last count, it was more like 800. So choosing 200 CDs to put in the changer is a bigger job than I am up for most of the time. Plus, with the acquisition of iPods and satellite radio, the CD collection has been pretty stagnant and ignored lo these past three or four years.

For real – the last actual, physical CD I bought was the Beastie Boys. It’s been that long.

But, we moved. Which meant I had to pack up the CDs that were in the player and start anew. We also haven’t hooked up the satellite antenna yet, nor do I have a way to play the contents of my iPod through normal-sized speakers (HANUKKAH GIFT ALERT).

So I’ve been revisiting my CD collection. When we first moved in, I put all the U2 CDs in, in chronological order, and listened to them all. It took a few days, but I did it, and it was well worth it to see Jillian boogie down with my favorite band. In that spirit, I put in all the James CDs as well, along with a few that I haven’t heard in a while. I’m about halfway done filling the thing up – it takes time, which I have very little of these days. Jillian likes to “help” me by taking CDs out of the changer 4 or 5 at a time and licking them.

Let’s say I have 100 CDs in there. Fully half of them are U2, James, and REM. The other half are this and that, randoms and whatnot.

For fun, I hit “Shuffle All” which will make the changer play random songs from random discs. However, as has been documented in the past, the “random” is VERY NOT when it comes to this stupid CD changer.

Out of 100 CDs, two of them are Neil Diamond’s Greatest Hits. TWO.

Over the past couple of hours, I have heard about 25 songs or so. How many Neil Diamond songs, statistically, should I have heard? One? Maybe?

TRY SEVEN. Seven Neil Diamond songs.

Now, it’s not that I don’t enjoy the musical stylings of Mr. Diamond. I do. But the songs that are coming up are Very Certain Specific Songs that make me think about Very Certain Specific Things and this, coupled with the Day-Quil high I am currently experiencing, is messing with me.


I have a feeling I could take the Neil Diamond CDs out completely and that CD player would find a way to play “Forever in Blue Jeans.”

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