The cutest thing

Whenever I introduce a new food to Jillian (or any food, really), I always go all cheerleader on her. “MMMMMM! Yummy!” I always try to play it up like whatever I’m about to try to get her to eat is the bestest thing ever.

Sometimes, this approach even works.

The side effect is that now she has discovered that “mmmm!” and food go together. As an added bonus, Jillian is now in the “I want what YOU have” stage, which means anything I try to eat is fair game for her grubby paws.

I was on the couch the other day with a can of soda and Jillian toddled over, put her hand on my leg and said “MMMM!” with her eyes glued on my soda.

“No way, kid.”

“MMMMM!” [eyebrow lift – how she learned to lift just the one eyebrow is beyond me. I’ve been trying to do it for fifteen years and I have yet to accept that my face just doesn’t DO that.]

She does this all the time now, and it’s hilarious. The lifted eyebrow, the “MMMM!” the hopeful look – she’s like a puppy. A puppy that can talk. She’s the best pet ever!

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