In some people’s houses…

… a vocabularly lesson might go like this:

Parent: Can you say kitty? Kitty!
Kid: Kitteh!
Parent: That’s right! Good girl!

We have a different sort of discussion here at Jillian’s house.

Jillian[pointing at the TV]: Whut dat?

Me: Morrissey. Can you say Morrissey?

Jillian: Morrr… eee?

Me: That’s right! Morrissey! Oh, look – now there’s Bono. Can you say Bono?

Jillian: Bahhh noh?

Me: Good girl! Okay, this one is a little harder. This is Siouxie Sioux. Can you say Siouxie?

Jillian: Mumma!

Me: Er, not quite.

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  1. Oh, if only mine would show an interest in Morrissey. Perhaps if he sang nursery rhymes…