My kid is weird, too

I use to think Dooce was exaggerating her tales of what her daughter must have in her bed in order to sleep.

Now, I’m pretty sure she’s telling the straight-up truth.

Today Jillian napped in her crib with the following things:

  • her green blankie
  • her OX Uglydoll
  • her stuffed dog, Frank The Dog (yes, that’s the name on his drivers’ license)
  • her blankie bunny (it’s a small pink blanket? With a bunny head?)
  • her furry pink winter coat
  • a bag of dried apples
  • Yes, dried apples. She loves these things, but refuses to eat them. Instead, she carries the bag around with her throughout the day, occasionally passing by wherever I am to point at it and annouce “Aaaaah po!”

    Yes, Jillian, apples. Perhaps you’d like to eat one?

    She’s in that … stage … that all toddlers go through where she will eat only a few things. And for Miss Jillian, those things are beige things. Cheerios, Teddy Grahams, pears, waffles, pancakes, wheat bread, turkey, chicken… beige things. Beige? She certainly doesn’t get that from MY side of the family.

    She does eat broccoli, on occasion.

    This alarms me only minimally, since I know she’ll get past it someday. After all, my brother even eats sushi these days and he grew up on Cap’n Crunch, Nestle Quik, plain hamburgers, and various potato forms. So there’s hope for Jill.

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    1. If you can get your kid to eat broccoli, you must be a miracle worker.