Hey, as long as it’s still beige

It figures that a child of mine would be drawn to beige things. We all want to rebel against our parents, and I am on the record as hating all things beige and all people who love beige things. Ever wonder what “no imagination” looks like? IT’S BEIGE.

So I’m not terribly surprised by the fact that the only foods my child will deign to eat are [you guessed it] beige or close enough.

Wheat bread. String cheese. Turkey. Chicken. Teddy Grahams. And our latest obssession: waffles.

Since I would like to get into the Mama Hall of Fame, I worry that Jillian isn’t eating enough fruits or vegetables. So I need to find ways to get more of these things into her. I’ve been experimenting with hiding foods in other foods, and it seems to be working.

So we bought a waffle/sandwich maker.


It’s the greatest kitchen gadget EVER. It even beats my KitchenAid mixer, which is hard to do. This waffle iron thingy is the best. I should have gotten one years ago.

I have found that if I make a sandwich (let’s say ham and cheese) and cook it up in the sandwich maker… Jillian will actually eat it. I bet if I use the waffle iron thingies she would do so enthusiastically!

I know this is a phase and I hope she’ll grow out of it, because I don’t know what I’m going to do if I have to look at all this beige food for the next 17 years.

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