My head explodes daily

Jillian is learning words as fast as she can. Yesterday we learned about snow, since it was doing that outside while we were looking out the window.

Today it’s just raining, so I was a little confused when I heard Jilly saying “snooooooow.”

As it turns out, we have Clifford’s Puppy Days on the TV and it’s snowing on the show.


She’s learning her letters, too. During diaper changes, she needs to have something to hold, so this morning I handed her the diaper ointment. She looked at it and said “A.” Then she looked again and said “D.”

Lo and behold, it’s A&D ointment! SOOOOO SMART!

After we were done with the diaper change, she sat up as I put on her socks. I’m wearing a U2 shirt (of course), so she pointed at Bono and said “Dada!”

Close enough, kid. Close enough.

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