Let’s see…

Hi! Remember me?

We’ve been busy here, what with the sniffles turning into the barfy flu or somesuch. Everyone is feeling better now, thanks to huge amounts of water and green tea and the judicious use of generic Mucinex.

Jillian dove head-first into a dining room chair late last week, which produced a cut on her eye and a fantastic bruise on her eyelid, which makes her look like she’s halfway through some kind of Goth makeover.

This happened because she was wearing a cute outfit, and I thought it might be cute to get her pictures taken in it. Ten minutes after I had this thought, BAM! Into the chair she went. So I am officially telling the universe that we are NOT getting pictures done anytime soon. The last time I had planned to get them done, she went face-first in the driveway and wrecked her face BUT GOOD.

I almost can’t take her out anywhere when she’s had a crash because I get disapproving stares from all the old ladies. Don’t they remember having a toddler? Crashing is what they do.

As an added bonus, Jillian is genetically related to both my mother and myself, so I’m amazed every single day that she can even walk upright. Of course, Jillian does everything she can to NOT walk upright. Today’s favorite activity had her putting a dishtowel over her head, spinning around in a circle, and then attempting to run. She’s not even 2 years old yet and she’s playing stupid frat games. Sweet.

We have finally scheduled the painter for the living room/dining room/kitchen. All I have to do is finalize the color scheme (and a scheme is definitely what it will be), then vacate the premises for a few days. Toddlers + interior painting in April = ick. We shall decamp to my parents’ house for the week, where Jillian will charm everyone silly and hopefully NOT kill any of the pets.

Freddie gave me my birthday present a month early. We are not good with delayed gratification (we’re both Aries), but that’s okay. He got me a Wii!!!! It’s so cool! The controls take some getting used to, but it is super fun. Tennis and bowling are big favorites here!

So other than that, everything else is situation normal: super-boring. But boring is good, because it means there’s no DRAMA!! And we hate the drama.

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