The internet has let me down

We’re watching The Great Escape (for the sixth billionth time) and I am going insane trying to find out who plays the Hitler Youth kid on the train after the escape. I could swear it’s Richard Gere, but he’s not credited and his IMDB listing only goes back to 1973 or something.

And wasn’t Richard Gere is M*A*S*H? I know he was in the TV series, but I could SWEAR that he’s one of the MPs from the post-operation scene in Japan. He doesn’t have any lines but spends the 4 seconds or however long he’s on-screen chomping on his gum. I swear I’m not making this up – we’ve watched that movie hundreds of times.

This sort of thing drives me batty, which is why I had to start digging around on the internet. I haven’t found confirmation or a firm denial of either of these two theories of mine, and that is sad. The internet always delivers! ALWAYS!

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