Home-Improvement hilarity

We have a patio! After roughly a week (including two full days when nobody was out there working on it), a portion of the backyard was chopped up and replaced with paving stones. A portion of the fence was moved, and some topsoil/grass seed/fertilizer mix was put down in the backyard. It is no longer the lumpy wasteland it was when we moved in! Hurrah!

We also have a driveway! The disintegrating asphalt was pulled up, a portion of the front yard was peeled back, and after a few terse phone calls to the paving company, the asphalt was put down and is currently roped off. We had to call the landscapers to come get the huge giant dirt pile the pavers had left, but the landscaper is a stand-up guy and didn’t charge us for this service. Yay, because we have given him quite enough money already.

The front garden has been pulled out, and this Sunday I plan to put stuff in the ground. Maybe. Saturday is Passover and we are having between 8 and 12 people, so all day will be given over to that, but Sunday, weather permitting, will be a big outside improvement day.

Photos to come, maybe.

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