It’s not that there hasn’t been much happening lately, it’s that I am really unmotivated when it comes to writing about it. I think it might be a tad too boring to talk about how The Child asks for things by name and talks about animals and “Yo Gabba Gabba” and how it’s impossible to get her to come inside for meals.

It’s possible that I’m finding it all just a bit boring because we do the same things every day, more or less. There is breakfast, there is Sesame Street, there are errands and/or playdates, there are trips to the park, lunch, naptime, more goofing off in the backyard, dinner-bath-bedtime. It gets to be a bit same-y, and I imagine it would be bloody boring to read about, even if it’s not boring to do.

Of course, there are plenty of things going on that I can’t write about for fear that the Former In-Laws will bust out the pitchforks and torches and come after me. So I’m feeling a bit muzzled in that respect. And, as much as I would like to raise my middle finger to the sky and wave it around, I can’t because I have promised other people that I wouldn’t. Not on the website, at any rate.

Truth be told, we are a happy unit. Freddie is working a lot and trying to adjust to a much longer schedule that includes a 45-minute train ride, and we are adjusting to a TODDLER who runs and walks and is learning to jump (with hilarious results). We are now getting to the point where she needs to be entertained all the time or else she ends up standing on the coffee table or coloring the TV screen with crayons. And with an HDTV, this is akin to throwing the TV down the stairs.

But we are happy. We have a beautiful patio that we are slowly decorating with hanging baskets and lanterns. We have actual grass! In the backyard! I’m amazed, because the backyard was in sad shape when we moved in. So much so that I think I was back there all of three times before this April when the landscapers attacked it.

We are going to have a garden. Maybe. I have purchased some implements of destruction and plan to attack a portion of the backyard just as soon as I have a few free, non-baby hours in which to do it. It will help if there isn’t a hurricane or similar at the same time. The front garden is coming along nicely, with my wildflowers sprouting and sunflowers/lavender/mystery flowers chugging right along as well. I have big plans to plant a couple of trees, but the ones I like most need to be planted in the fall.

The major reason why I’ve been neglecting the blog is because I tend to write best and write most when I have something to complain about, and right now, there isn’t much. I live a pretty goddamned charmed life, and I am fully aware of it. We are all healthy, we have everything we could want or need (except for a houseboy/gardener who will cook, clean, and do laundry).

I have fantastic friends – people I can turn to day or night for support, advice, wisdom, and just general cheerleading. I love the friends, even the ones I haven’t met yet. I also have a supportive family, who, after 33 years have finally come through and started acting like – well, not normal people, exactly – but are more willing to have the sort of open communication we should have had 20 years ago.

Yeah. Things are good.

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