That creative itch

There are quite a few things about myself that I know I will never understand. For one thing, how come the only time I get the urge to do crafty/creative things is when I simply do not have time to do them?

Like right now, for instance. I have a growing list of projects planned, but no time in which to do them. On top of that, the weather is just beautiful and why would I spend time inside cussing at the sewing machine when I could be outside, cussing at the weeds in the garden?

[That reminds me – if you receive tomatoes from me, it’s not because I’m trying to kill you with salmonella. It’s because we are going to have a crazy huge amount of them, judging by the health of my 16 tomato plants.]

I have the urge to make some skirts. I have the urge to make some cutiepie dresses for The Jillian. And now, my friend Lucy posted a link to a pattern for a convertible/infinity dress (I am too damn lazy to link it, try Google), and I want to make approximately six million of them. Plus, I have The Big Ugly Sweater to keep working on, and I have yet to make any sort of start on my New Year’s Resolution to learn to knit socks already.

My brain is busier than my body wishes to be. Hasn’t this always been the case?

Part of my problem is that I don’t feel like I can start/continue any of these projects while there is still Household Engineering that needs to be done. Like laundry, which never ever ends. If we could all just be naked for a day or two and not create any laundry, that would be the best thing ever. Then there’s the never ending kitchen issue, the bathrooms, and all the other fun housework I neglect until even *I* can’t stand it, then I spend a good half-day cleaning the hell out of the place.

And did I mention the basement needs to be re-organized, waterproofed, and painted? Yeah, like THAT is ever going to get done. EVER.

Ooh, then there is the issue of the front door[s]. We have two entrances to the house – one in the living room and one in the kitchen. From the outside, the doors look oddly close together so it’s like we have two front doors. Anyway, these doors? ARE UGLY. Everything in this house that we haven’t painted (yet) looks as though it was salvaged from some kind of flood-ridden drug house. The people who lived here before us did a lot of remodeling – took it down to the studs, from what the nosy neighbor says – and apparently, instead of hitting up Home Depot or Lowe’s for the rebuilding materials, they trash-picked them. It’s really the only explanation I have for the appalling state of our front doors. And siding. And unfinished molding/baseboards. And unfinished interior doors.

On the one hand, yay, because if this would have been a palace we would have paid more. And because everything is in a cracked-out state of unfinishedness, I can do what I want with it. But it is frustrating in the extreme to have to LOOK AT IT all the time until I can get around to fixing/painting it.

I need to quit ranting about the house – I do it a lot.

Back to the creative urge thing. Why does it strike so strongly when I have sixteen thousand other things that need to get done? And how come when I do have the free time in which to immerse myself in bobbins and pins, I end up playing MarioKart?

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  1. I get a crafty urge sometimes too, problem is – I’m in no way crafty or creative. I think that certain crafty things are great ideas, but unfortunately for me the practical application is a whole other matter…