A new one!

My lovely friend Caroline and her husband Joe welcomed a baby boy, Patrick Finn C_____ yesterday (or VERY early this morning, we’re not quite sure). He is 7 pounds and 3 ounces and has some extremely awesome people for parents.

I love babies, and I’m sure that when we get a chance to visit Mr. Patrick that I will start feeling the itch to have another one. If that happens, please send someone over to my house to beat me with a baseball bat because we are not doing that.

Why would I? I didn’t get the birth experience that I wanted, true – but I have the most perfect baby! She started sleeping through the night with no fuss at 5 months, wasn’t colicky, and aside from some brief flashes of mental instability, she is a very happy, ridiculously healthy kid. I’m not willing to spin the wheel again and get a crazy one.

Plus – we can see the light at the end of Diaper Tunnel. I cannot WAIT until Jillian is potty-trained because she’s almost on the last size of diapers that Target offers and I am about sick and tired of dealing with poop. I made the mistake of feeding her fish the other day and the poopy diaper that resulted almost made me turn inside-out!

So, no babies for me – I’ll just go visit my friends and snuggle their new bebe whenever I get a chance.

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