I like breathing

But I am having trouble doing it lately. This is a problem.

It could be any number of things, from allergies to asthma to pneumonia to lung cancer. I’d like to rule out as many terminal diseases as I can, so I think I’m going to have to make a doctor’s appointment.

Trouble is, I don’t really have a primary-care doctor at present. We have switched insurance coverage so many times in the past ten years that keeping a PCP has been impossible for me. This isn’t normally a problem, since I’m pretty healthy overall, but now that I actually do need to see a doctor, I shall have to start from scratch with the history & physical and all that jazz. Bleh.

But I really would like to be able to breathe again.

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  1. Hey – breathing is good. Really, I’d miss it if I couldn’t have my daily dose. I have asthma and I know this: don’t take it lightly. Here’s a sucky fact about asthma: that shit can kill you.

    Get Thee to a Physician. STAT. Oh damn, I couldn’t resist that last bit there, I really tried…