It’s DONE!

The Big Ugly Sweater is DONE! I finished it last night and I am so happy. It’s big, it’s ugly, but I made it all by myself! What’s more amazing is that I actually FINISHED a project. Finished knitting projects are rare jewels in this house.

There must be something in the air today because I have been wicked productive. I cleaned the fronts of the kitchen cabinets (they were grody), did laundry, and reorganized a portion of the yarn stash. I’m afraid to dig any deeper into it, but I did manage to put a bunch of it away and pull out the yarn I’m going to need for the Less Big and I Hope Less Ugly Sweater which I am about to start. I hope it doesn’t take me 8 months to do this one.

I will post a photo later, I promise.

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