Old lady rants

1. I finished knitting the pieces of The Big Ugly Sweater that I started around last Christmas or so. Go me! Now all I have to do is sew the pieces together, figure out how to do the neckline and I will have a sweater! Freddie suggested I knit things to sell, but if I were to sell this sweater at a price that would give me an above-sweatshop wage, it would have to sell for $500. I’m a slow knitter, what can I say?

2. At some point during this knitting odyssey, I discovered that I have arthritis in the pinky finger on my left hand. This is not awesome. I am 33 years old, which is far too young to be busting out the arthritis pills. Then again, I’ve had various hand/knuckle issues for a long time so I’m not shocked about it, just pissed off!!

3. Now I need a new knitting project that I can ignore for a bit. I have resolved to learn to knit socks, but I do not get along well with double-pointed needles and the frustration has been insurmountable so far. Perhaps I’ll make a few hats to appease the knitting crazies and then I’ll be able to indulge my penchant for self-abuse.

4. Just… don’t let me go to a yarn shop, okay? I do pretty well with restraint when my only option is to buy online, but get me in the actual yarn shop and I sort of lose my head a bit. Storage is tight here (and about to get tighter as we welcome a long-term houseguest).

5. I wonder how old Jillian needs to be before she can figure out knitting? Right now is probably not a good age, since she’s still a bit of a dervish, whirling here and there and leaving a wide swath of destruction in her wake. Perhaps around age 4.

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