The Big Ugly Sweater Lives!

Please ignore the crazy woman wearing it.

crazy-sweater-lady.JPGPlease ignore the crazy woman wearing it.


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3 Responses to The Big Ugly Sweater Lives!

  1. What an accomplishment! I appreciate any knitting, so job well done. Also, yer cute. I know now why I keep this whole friendship going.

  2. audrey

    It’s not ugly at all! It’s all bright and colourful. And btw…luv your blonde hair…it suits you!

  3. You finished a knitting project of this magnitude? You deserve a glass of wine, oh wait, have the bottle. Cheers!
    Now, let’s see it… Oh dear, WAIT! There; my sunglasses are on now, all better. Yup, that is – umm, bright? – certainly a sweater. Well done, you. I’ve only ever knitted wool socks, so the task you’ve accomplished seems daunting to me.

    But damn that was colourful. And bright. You’re adorably cute though. Why did I imagine you a brunette?