Catnaps suck

Jillian went to the doctor yesterday for her 2-year-old checkup. She is ridiculously healthy, and also gigantic. 31.5 pounds and 35 inches tall! She got her HepA shot, which is fine, but of course getting shots of any kind strikes fear into the heart of a mother with an active imagination. I don’t believe there’s any risk of her having an adverse reaction to any of her vaccines, so I am getting them all on the recommended schedule, but the fear is always there in the back of my mind.

Plus? I AM INSANE. I’m a recovering hypochondriac! I know everything can kill you!

But of course, the info sheet says “adverse reactions can include tiredness, irritability, etc etc etc.”

Well, she’s got a bit of a cold, which meant that she didn’t sleep last night (nor did I): she’s tired. And she’s TWO YEARS OLD – being irritable is her JOB.

So… yeah. I slept in 90-minute increments last night. Every couple of hours, Jillian would get all stuffy and not be able to breathe (hard to breathe when your nose is stuffed with boogers and your thumb is planted firmly in your mouth, I would imagine), so I would go in her room, pick her up, wipe her nose, rock her back down to sleep (except for that one time when she kicked me really hard so I just tossed her back in the crib), and then head back to sleep-ish myself.

I am fully aware that I have it better than almost any mother I know – my kid slept through the night starting at 5 months and has never had any kind of major issues with ANYTHING. So that makes these sleepless nights tough on all of us, even though they are extremely rare.

Today, we’re both tired and one of us is excessively cranky. On top of that, it’s pouring down rain here so we can’t go outside. We just need to make it to naptime and then we’ll be okay. Maybe.

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  1. Uh, my little child just might be a dwarf. She only weighs 23 pounds, and apparently her height varies by 7 inches, which is very interesting.

    I hear you with the recent hard nights being particularly trying since you’re not used to it. I feel like such an asshole, but it is difficult when you’re used to whole nights filled with blissful sleep and then your kid decides to only let you doze occasionally. I am such a bitch at those (thankfully few) times.

    I hope Jillian feels better soon!