Well, it depends on what your definition of ‘genius’ is

The child has had a language explosion over this last month. It’s like she turned two and decided all of a sudden to start talking instead of saying random words and phrases.

But the talking? NEVER ENDS.

Nor does the singing.

The funny thing is that we sing the same few songs over and over again with different words, and she has started making up song lyrics on her own. For example, at bedtime we sing a modified version of “Are You Sleeping?” to indicate that it is time to quit building bombs in the living room and go to sleep.

This morning, Jillian and I were in the kitchen making waffles (thank goodness I make them from scratch instead of buying them or we would be homeless) and she started singing “Time for Waffles” to the tune of “Are You Sleeping.”

I was gobsmacked, actually, that she was able to figure out what I was doing and then to sing a song about it. She’s so smart!

Except, maybe not. As I’m typing this, she has a plastic bag on her head that once held blocks and is running into the wall head first. It sounds like this: “stompstompstompstompstomp BLAM! Flhumph! HAHAHAHAHAHA!”


This has been going on for a good fifteen minutes now. I hope she can still get into Harvard with all the head trauma.


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2 Responses to Well, it depends on what your definition of ‘genius’ is

  1. WTG Jillian! 😀 Smart girl you’ve got there!
    You make waffles from scratch? Holy moly! Now I feel woefully inadequate… LOL!
    Cheers! Minna

  2. Hey you,
    there’s a blog award waiting for you on my blog. Just sharing the love… 😀