Crazy. Stir.

I know it’s bad form to blog about the weather, but this is ridiculous. It is just as dark at 9AM as it is at 5PM and that SUCKS BALLS. It means it’s gross and rainy, which means we can’t go outside (because I’d rather not get pneumonia).

Which means we are both slowly going insane.

There are indoor playspaces that we could go to, but they tend to cost money, which I am reluctant to spend. We could go to playdates, but what I really need is about an hour of Jillian just running around, screaming, and doing that at someone else’s house is usually considered bad form. There is one free playspace in a mall, but that’s 20 miles away and nobody in their right mind is going anywhere near a mall for at least the next month.

We’ll think of something.

In other Jillian news, we are sloooooooooowly working on the potty training. It’s one step forward, two steps back, and now, when given the choice between putting on a diaper and sitting on the potty, she chooses the diaper. That’s fine – I’m in no hurry.

^^That was yesterday’s post. The weather did clear up a bit and we did get outside for a little while which helped us all immensely.

Today is the end of an era. We… no longer put the baby in a cage. When we picked out a crib, we figured since we were having only the one kid, we might as well get a convertible one that changes to a toddler bed and then eventually to a full-size bed that she can take with her to college.

The prevailing wisdom says that when the kid starts trying to climb out of the crib, it’s time to get a big-kid bed. My child? Has never tried this. She looooooooves the crib. Would stay in there all day if I would let her. Sometimes I am tempted to do just that.

But… we can’t do that anymore. While we were out this morning, we stopped at the crib store where we bought the thing originally and ordered the side rails for the full-size version. We figured it would be better to do it now, before we were ready than to wait and find out that the model has been discontinued or something. So that’s what we did.

In six-to-eight weeks, we shall have them.

In the meantime, we converted the bed from a crib to the toddler bed and Jillian is ridiculously pleased with it. She keeps climbing in and out, and so far has refused lunch in favor of hanging out in her “sleeping bed.” I have a feeling she is going to take after me and have every single stuffed animal she owns in the bed with her.

She’s only 28.5 months old! When did she become a big girl?

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