Well, THAT was uncomfortable

I went to the doctor yesterday. I normally hate doing this, mostly because I am not a planner of things. If I feel like I need to see the doctor, I want to do it RIGHT THEN and not have to make an appointment 2 months in advance. This is also why my hair looks the way it does.

Yesterday, however, I woke up all sneezy and snotty, as I have for the last two months or more. I was thinking it was allergies but even Claritin wasn’t making a dent in the problem and I was tired of feeling this way, so I called the doctor. Twenty minutes later, I was in the waiting room. Hooray for walk-in appointments!

So the doctor comes in and looks in my ears and nose with the otoscope thingy and the first thing she says is “Holy shit.”

That’s not generally something you want to hear from your doctor, but I’m sort of used to it when it involves my head. When I was pregnant and having epic nosebleeds, I went to see the ENT and he did the same thing. I’m very good at fucking up my head, apparently.

The doctor said I had a most awesome sinus infection (which I could have figured out on my own) and she prescribed antibiotics and whatnot to help it go away. I was trying to avoid antibiotics, since the last time I had to take them things did NOT go well (let’s just say the phrase ‘anal fissures’ was involved and if that is TMI for you, you’re reading the wrong blog). But then again, all the hippie remedies I’d tried over the past two months didn’t do a damn thing (fucking hippies), so hooray for pharmaceuticals!

The doctor also suggested I get a neti pot and use that. Well. Hmmm. That was the only hippie remedy I hadn’t tried because I do not like to feel as though I’m drowning. But I’m sort of desperate to feel better, so…

Yeah. Unpleasant.

But I’m feeling a bit better, I can breathe out of both sides of my head and the feeling of having my head stuffed with cotton is subsiding.

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