We are potty-training Jillian. She is in underpants most of the day (aside from naptime and bedtime and if I’m at the gym, since the gym’s babysitting service doesn’t mess with that). Pee accidents have been minimal, and we have had a few successful poops in the potty, but for the most part, she waits until a diaper appears and unloads into that.


Yesterday, she actually announced that she had to poop, so I put her on the potty. Ten minutes later, nothing had happened so I took her off. I was on the phone trying to schedule an inspection for the car and Jillian disappeared for a bit. Pretty much as soon as I hung up, she reappeared, all upset because she’d gone in her pants.


I know it makes her uncomfortable because she was really upset, but she won’t calm down enough for me to get her undressed in such a way that we don’t get poop EVERYWHERE. Including in my hand.

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