Running update and anticipation of the return of the flute!

I ran yesterday, did pretty well. I am starting to see the top of “the hump” over which I must get in order for this to continue. My biggest hurdle [heh] right now is half my brain trying to talk the other half out of continuing. I have lost 4 pounds in the past 4 days, so… that’s a pretty good incentive to keep at it.

After roughly 10 years of not being able to play it, I took my flute to the repair place to have it looked at. My sister gave that flute to me 24 years ago, and it served me VERY well. She made noises a few years ago about maybe wanting it back, but… she has a lucrative career! She can go buy a new one! [evil] Anyway, the guy said that he’s been fixing instruments for upwards of 40 years and he’s only had 5 or 6 that he just couldn’t save, so prognosis is good. And he said that if it’s completely unfixable, he will give me a deal on a new-to-me flute, but things look good and it’s a huge bonus that my flute is American-made. Apparently that’s rare these days, which is sad. Most instruments, even the big names like Gemeinhardt and such are made in China. But the thing is AT LEAST 30 years old, and was China even a country then?

Once the flute is playable again, I will get out the guitar. For some reason, the flute has always made music more accessible to me. I find if I play it on the flute, then I get a sense of what it’s supposed to sound like and then playing it on saxophone or guitar or whatever feels easier. It’s weird and hard to explain, but that’s pretty much the way I’m made.

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