Oh. Hi.

Jillian, the dog, and I are camped out at my parents’ house. We’ve been here a week. On day 2, I didn’t think I was going to survive, what with the dog hair, the dust, the cigarette smoke, the dog hair, the dust, the musty basement, the dog hair, the cigarette smoke, and the near-complete lack of diners in Ohio. Oh, and the NOISE. The three dogs bark at each other constantly. My mom yells at the dogs. Jillian laughs like a maniac, which causes the dogs to bark more. Mom turns up the TV. The dogs bark. She yells. I die. I’m supposedly the deaf one, and I am the one telling people to turn shit down. It’s enough to kill a person. Day 2 was a rough day.

Yet here we are, on day 9 and it’s not getting any better but it’s not getting any worse. Over the past week, I have scrubbed the walls in the living room. Then I painted a coat of primer on said walls. And the ceiling. And then I painted a second coat of primer. Then I painted.

I’m quite tired.

There was a lot of furniture moving involved.

Anyway, we’re still here. For at least another week. There is NOTHING TO EAT HERE. Unless you like pizza, which I do… but there is only so much pizza a girl can eat and still fit into her jeans. The best doughnuts in the world are here, but again – only so many a girl can eat.


I suppose I could make some calls and go out but people work during the week and I can’t really leave Jillian with the parents all the time, since they are doing us a favor in the first place and the dog is still pretty high-needs and they’ve been taking her out at 6AM so I don’t have to. Plus, I’m a bit of a hermit (NEWS FLASH!!) so this sorta-downtime is actually quite good for my head. Sorta. In a way.

Did I mention there is nothing to eat here? It’s all chain restaurants and pizza and the one super-greasiest of the greasy spoons (the East Park Restaurant) or college bars or [even worse] TOWNIE bars. I would have to drive a rather sizeable distance to get decent food here. I’m a snob now.


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